February 2012

Chicago Jobs Up - Report Indicates Job Increases

A new report from the Department of Labor is indicating that the country is seeing jobs rolling in. Are you? For those looking for a job in Chicago, is it becoming easier to find the employment you need? For some people, it is. There are now companies in Chicago that are hiring. For the average person living in this city, though, the concern that there is not enough job options continues to be a problem.

National Jobs Report

Chicago Job Market to Lose More Jobs

News out about the Chicago job market is not good. PepsiCo, the company manufacturing numerous soda drinks, announced it will reduce employees in Chicago by at least 150 people. That drop in positions could be a bad thing for the market as a whole. The company is making the move, it says, because it needs to lower production costs and to reinvest in key brands. Three of those brands are handled locally in the Chicago area.

What This Means