January 2012

Chicago Job Market – Unemployment Up

Although there are some areas of the country that are seeing improvements in employment numbers, the Chicago unemployment numerous are on the rise instead. For those in the Chicago jobs market, it is growing increasingly difficult to find a position. According to a report out by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the Chicago metropolitan area saw an increase in unemployment form 8.6 earlier in the year to 9.3 percent in December.

What's the Facts?

By those same reports, this indicates that the Chicago area has lost about 100 jobs over the year. That's not what those living and working here want and need. When looking at the bigger picture, unemployment rates did drop in five of the 12 Illinois metropolitan areas. In five others, it was up compared to previous rates in 2011. Nevertheless, Chicago was the area with the hardest hit numbers. The largest decrease occurred in Peoria, where the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.7 percent.

Chicago Career Tech Offers Technology Training to Unemployed

If you are unemployed in the middle income workers in the city and you need technology training to get your foot in the door at some of the new locations in Chicago offering jobs, Chicago Career Tech has an opportunity for you. The facility will be offering technology retraining for individuals.

The program will offer an opportunity for individuals to learn what they need to enter into a new career by enhancing their technology skills. "Chicago has approximately 124,000 unemployed residents, yet more than 66,000 monthly job postings in Chicago go unfilled. One significant reason for this gap is that many businesses face a 'skills mismatch' – employers are looking for skills that those currently seeking employment simply do not have," says Natalie Sparcio, account executive with a partner firm with Chicago Career Tech.