December 2011

The Chicago Job Market: Where the Jobs Will Be


When it comes to finding a job in the Chicago area, chances are good you know of a few key places you want to be. However, what many people will experience is the need to move into new fields of study, where their skills are needed. Though the Chicago job market is likely to see improvements in 2012 and beyond, there are some changes to the type of jobs most likely to be available overall.

5/3 Is Taking On Chicago

"People are hoping that this will become a starting point of things to come."

Fifth Third Bank is looking to expand its operations as it looks to head west and increase the current market share it has in Chicago. Based out of Cincinnati, this bank is looking to get even bigger and in more control of what the city has to offer. The thing is looking to do more than anything else is to drastically move up from being the number 8 bank in the area. It currently holds a 2.8 percent of the market share and they would like to see that increase dramatically.