April 2011

March on May 1 For Chicago Jobs

Residents of Chicago—as well as visitors of the city—may wish to take part in a march for job rights on May 1, this Sunday. The march will be largely comprised of union workers, and pro-immigration organizations will also be taking part. Immigration reform, job rights and respect, and an end to the deportation of immigrant workers will all be focuses of the march, which is in conjunction with International Workers’ Day.

Fight for Worker Rights at Northwestern

The students, faculty members, and other community members surrounding Northwestern University are very concerned about the school’s plan to hire Sodexo, a company known for its outsourcing, human rights violations, and general violations of policies of its school employers

Sodexo has been found charging schools too much for its services, violating worker rights in reports written by Human Rights Watch, and intimidating workers who wish to speak up and unionize. The company, which considers itself a progressive operation, has even gone as far as firing its US workers who attempt to unionize. All of these actions are directly against what a liberal arts education strives—or, at least, should strive—to teach.